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Helping to manage change, transition, and business transformation.

Interim Sales and Marketing Management

Many business owners and Chief Executive Officers are thriving by tapping into interim sales and marketing leadership where they can access talent and expertise to meet today’s needs and the challenges of tomorrow.  The skills and experience of PRO Associates are now available for these interim, part-time, or project roles as needed.  We are available to help you build and run your sales or marketing departments on a temporary basis.  You get the expertise you need, and it is typically for much less than the fully loaded cost of a permanent manager.  We can be part of your team for long-term or short-term engagements depending on your needs.

At PRO Associates we also provide business consulting and business coaching.  People sometimes ask, “What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?”  A consultant brings expertise and experience in from the outside.  A coach guides you in making better use of the assets you have on the inside.  If you are running a small company, you can probably benefit from both consulting and coaching.  We believe it is best if you can find both skill sets in one person and that is an added value that we offer.

Business Consulting

There are many reasons to work with a business consultant.  Some of these include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current business situation
  • Identify new opportunities and develop strategy
  • Creation of new business plans
  • Developing the business through new sales and marketing tactics
  • Guidance in plan implementation

Business Coaching

There are many reasons to work with a business coach.  Some of these include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of your current personal situation within the business
  • Evaluation of personal and business strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish new personal and business goals and objectives
  • Improving executive and staff performance
  • Using a business coach as a personal confidant, advisor, and mentor

The role of the PRO Associates consultants varies significantly depending on the needs of the client.  We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to our client’s situation. Unlike some consulting or coaching companies, we do not come to the client with a one size fits all system.  All of our relationships do begin with a free initial consultation to determine if we are good fit for the client.

Executive Coaching

In addition to business consulting and business coaching PRO Associates are certified in executive coaching.  Executive coaching concentrates on individual improvement whereas business coaching concentrates on business improvement.  Executive coaching can be the shortest distance between where a person is and where they want to be.

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