Frequently Asked Questions…

Question #1 – What is an Interim Manager?

Answer – An experienced and successful executive with a proven track record.  An interim manager has chosen to be an independent portfolio worker as his career of choice.  He provides a cost effective way for an organization to add expertise on a temporary basis without needing to add permanently to the management payroll.

Question #2 – When would I use an interim manager?

Answer – During any time of change, transition, or business transformation when an injection of new thinking or additional hands-on management is needed.

Question #3– How is a Consultant different from a Business Coach?

Answer– A business consultant works with clients on making the business more efficient or profitable.  This includes things such as organizational strategy, planning, implementation, and problem solving.  A Business Coach helps the client create success by making the business more effective.  This includes creating an environment for growth of the business by improving methods, systems, procedures, and personal development.  At PRO Associates we actually combine both consulting skills and coaching skills to provide unique value to our clients during our consulting engagements.

Question #4– What makes PRO Associates different from other consultants?

Answer– PRO consultants utilize their extensive business and consulting experience during client engagements, but they combine their expertise with a personal approach to coaching and mentoring.  They find that clients are best served when the consultant is regarded as a trusted confidant with a personal interest in assisting and guiding the client.  It is this close relationship and mutual interest in the positive results that makes Pro Associates different.

Question #5– How are meetings conducted with my PRO Associates consultant?

Answer– Some consulting firms have eliminated face to face meetings.  We still believe strongly in the benefit of face to face meetings between the consultant and the client.  There are times when emails, conference calls, and video conferencing are appropriate however most of our meetings will be face to face at the client location.

Question #6–What is the cost and how do I start?

Answer– We start by having a phone conversation to determine if we are good fit for your needs.  If we decide to work together we will establish the appropriate fee for the total consulting/coaching engagement at that time based on your individual situation.

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